Future Lawyer Week: Teaching old dogs new tricks

Conference | Friday 20th May 2022

Future Lawyer Week: Teaching old dogs new tricks

As part of the Future Lawyer Week 5.0 Shieldpay Managing Director Geoff Dunnett joins a panel of litigation experts to speak about technology adoption and innovation. 

What you'll learn

This panel discussion at the conference will bring together experts from across the litigation space to discuss technology innovation for the industry and ways to overcome barriers to adoption. This will include topics such as:

  • Generational shift: Is there a big analogue to digital divide? How do we bridge that gap
  • Commercial model of a law firm: Are billable hours rewarding inefficiency? Is there an alternative way to bill?
  • Evolution of support teams: How do we remove hierarchy and give people the space to innovate?
  • True cost of legal tech: How do we deal with the upfront cost of innovation and increase the appetite for it?
  • Translating tech into legal terms: How do we talk to lawyers in a language that they understand?

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Discussion chairperson

The event will be chaired by William Lilley, Legal Engineer at Simmons & Simmons. 


The panel will be made up of:



More about Future Lawyer Week 

FLW UK is a unique event that focuses on innovative advancements in the legal industry whilst uniting all those from the in-house, private practice and litigation sectors and is designed to facilitate dialogue between these different areas of law. Along with 3 days of networking opportunities, workshops, presentations and a hackathon that are delivered by leading legal innovators, FLW UK is the place to be for all things legal technology!


Learn more about the event and the organiser Cosmonauts: 

: @CosmonautsLtd

: Cosmonauts

: futurelawyerweek-uk.com