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Transaction Management: Is technology taking over the deal?

Emerging technologies have vast potential to fundamentally change how work is carried out in almost every industry globally. For the legal industry, there's still large steps to be taken to fully embrace the new opportunities. Our expert contributors from the legal industry share their insights on modern transaction management.

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Learn how modern technology can have a profound impact on each stage of the transaction management lifecycle.

The eBook takes a deep dive into the 3 key stages of managing a transaction.

  • Build: Planning and structuring the transaction

  • Manage: Negotiating and communicating with all parties

  • Complete: Executing the transaction and concluding the project

Our guest contributors share their expert knowledge on each particular subject matter, providing you with actionable insights that you can adopt for your own processes.

The big questions answered

Owen Oliver How are visualisation tools changing the game for planning and due diligence?

Owen Oliver
Head of Product, Structure Flow

Richard Mabey How will document formats change in the future?

Richard Mabey
CEO & Founder, Juro

Tara Waters How has deal due diligence changed and where is the next frontier? Tara Waters
Head of Advance Legal, Ashurst
Nick-W Will blockchain or distributed technology have a part to play? Nick Watson
Managing Director, Ruby Datum
Anthony – SeedLegals How will data be used to drive deal terms in the future? Anthony Rose
Founder & CEO, SeedLegals
Lawtomated-1 Does technology actually help when you're at the coal face?

Guest contributor

Ed Will the communications between parties move on from emails? Ed Boal
Director, Stephenson Law
Daniel-grant-smith Barriers to the use of transaction management tools how can law firms avoid them? Daniel Grant Smith
Head of Engagement, Legatics
Zahir What will the deal team of tomorrow look like?

Zahir Nayani
Partner, Foot Anstey

Jack-Shephard Has technology fundamentally changed the way transactions are closed or only improved it?

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead, iManage

Nabila–Kazi How can efficient payment flows help remove closing day stress?

Nabila Kazi
Sales Director, Shieldpay

Eliot What should you be doing with the data from the documents? Eliot Benzecrit
Director, Avvoka

Download your free copy

Learn how modern technology can have a profound impact
on each stage of the transaction management lifecycle.


Download the eBook