Law firm of Tomorrow Series: How to build the perfect legal business of the future

Webinar | Thursday 10th February 2022

Law Firm of Tomorrow Series: How to build the perfect legal business of the future

The second in Law Firm Ambition's series of webinars will be lead by Richard Burcher as the main speaker, taking a Q&A format with a panel of experts. 


What you'll learn

For this session on managing a law firm of the future, we expect the questions asked by the audience will explore subject areas such as:

  • The key future challenges and opportunities for law firms
  • What future success will look like
  • The distractions that hinder success
  • The key objectives that underpin success
  • The key metrics to focus on
  • How to align and motivate your whole team


Main speaker

Simon McCrumSimon McCrum

ex-Managing Director, Darbys

 Simon McCrum, was managing partner of Darbys, the UK's fastest-growing medium-sized firm at that time, which was then sold to Knights. Having reflected on his successes and mistakes, he wrote the book The Perfect Legal Business to help other law firms.

He now consults with firms, helping them to differentiate and build a brand, to build a high-performing team that attracts other talented people, and to maximise the profit and cash flow from every client.

Webinar host

The webinar will be hosted by Andy Poole, a partner at Armstrong Watson.


The panel will be made up of:



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