Law firm of Tomorrow Series: Pricing legal services using available technology

Webinar | Thursday 18th November 2021

Law Firm of Tomorrow Series: Pricing legal services using available technology

The first in Law Firm Ambition's series of webinars will reveal key insights from a panel of experts, with Richard Burcher as the main speaker.


What you'll learn

For this session on managing a law firm of the future, we panel will discuss topics around:

  • How to approach pricing conversations with clients
  • Pricing methodologies that make services more attractive and profitable
  • How to automate, analyse and report on pricing

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Main speaker

Richard BurcherRichard Burcher

Managing Director, Validatum 

 Richard Burcher of Virtual Pricing Director®, is a former New Zealand practising lawyer and managing partner with nearly 40 years experience.

Following masters-level postgraduate study in pricing-related disciplines in 2000/2001, Richard has been based in London since 2012. He now devotes all of his time to legal services pricing consultancy and is widely regarded as the leading international authority on pricing legal services through the group's consulting arm, Validatum®.

Webinar host

The webinar will be hosted by Andy Poole, a partner at Armstrong Watson.


The panel will be made up of:



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