Law firm of Tomorrow Series: Winning the talent acquisition and retention battle

Webinar | Thursday 26th May 2022 

Law Firm of Tomorrow Series: Winning the talent acquisition and retention battle

The third in Law Firm Ambition's series of webinars will centre around talent with a panel of experts leading the discussion, including Anne Harnetty as the main speaker.

What you'll learn

For this session on managing a law firm of the future, the panel will discuss topics such as:

  • Employee expectations in 2022 and beyond
  • What do ‘compelling reasons’ to join/stay actually look like?
  • Attracting and retaining female talent
  • The top reasons why employees leave a law firm
  • How managers need to change their approach

Rewatch the webinar

You can access the recording of the panel discussion by registering on the webinar landing page. 

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Main speaker

Anne HarnettyAnne Harnetty

Founder and Managing Director, Jonson Beaumont 

Anne Harnetty, is the Founder and MD of the legal sector recruitment agency Jonson Beaumont. Having seen her speak on recruitment and on her favourite subject of ‘what goes wrong and why, in legal M&A’ (which she’s just written a book on), the Law Firm Ambition team picked Anne from the many potential speakers on offer. Anne talks sense, backed up by evidence, and gets to the point.

Webinar host

The webinar will be hosted by Andy Poole, a partner at Armstrong Watson.


The panel will be made up of:


Watch the recording


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