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LIDW: The next wave of mass claims

Future trends in group litigation


Thursday 6th June
11am – 12.30pm

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A panel session hosted by Baker McKenzie as part of LIDW:

The mass claims landscape is evolving. Successes and failures in Group Litigation Orders, ‘same interest’, Competition Appeal Tribunal, and employment proceedings highlight opportunities, challenges and risks for claimants, funders and defendants involved in such matters.
Changes in politics and society, culture and values, and technology are examples of the forces that are having a profound impact on the way that mass claims are handled. It may be time to re-imagine how such cases could and should be brought and defended.

Our expert panel will consider the complex tactical, reputational, regulatory, and legal aspects of such cases.
Looking at the future of mass claims through the life cycle of a dispute, please join this session to hear:
  • Should we expect an increase in mass claims and which sectors are likely to be targeted next?
  • How will groups form and what impacts will technology and funding have?
  • What can we learn from developments in mass claims in other jurisdictions?
  • What new strategies will be used by Claimants and Defendants?
  • How will remediation schemes evolve?

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This session is being held as part of London International Disputes Week (LIDW). It is free to attend but please register via the official registration form on the LIDW website so we can manage capacity. Further details can be found via the link below. 

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Claire Van der Zant
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Nadia Osborne - Fladgate
Nadia Osborne Partner, Fladgate
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Managing Director, Ankura
Adam Heppinstall KC
Adam Heppinstall KC Barrister, Henderson Chambers
Mark Banks
Mark Banks Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie